CODA - Inventory Sorting Robot

I worked briefly as a Hardware Engineer at Avar Robotics following Columbia graduation. I helped develop the next-generation version of the CODA Robotic System.

This system intends to aid traditional human sorters in warehouses and distribution facilities. CODA aims to improve on Amazon’s Kiva Robots (Now Amazon Robotics).

I used SolidWorks to create 3D models of the existing CODA robot. I also designed and constructed the drivetrain system for the next-generation of CODA. In order to ensure system stability and functionality, I performed Finite Element Analysis on components and fasteners.

Avar was featured on CNBC’s Advancements Series with Ted Danson in early 2020. The CODA robot can be seen throughout the video… along with myself working on it at various stages of assembly!Ā 

It was a pleasure to work on such a high-profile project and make national television. I enjoyed the design process and construction of the prototype.